Wife of servicemember involved in citizenship process


My husband belongs to the Navy, we got married in June this year and we started the citizenship process for me immediately after married. (I am from Colombia). He had to leave overseas, he is stationed in Japan right now, and I am living in the USA because I could not leave with him because of the citizenship process, I received orders few days ago to join him and I called the citizenship office to let them know we want to continue the citizenship process in Japan, but they said it is not possible because that means we will abandoning the process, we have to wait for a permission of travel that could be approved in 5 or more months. We don’t want to wait more time. How can we use the orders and wait for the process in Japan ?

Jim's Reply:

You should listen to the liaison you're in contact with currently and follow their recommendations. Attempting to circumvent their orders could cause your delay to be even longer.