wife and disabled children receive no benefits from husband's service


I have been Married to a retired veteran for 30 yrs now and I've been separated from him for 8 yrs. The whole time that he has been in the military my children and i has never gitten any benefit from the military. I don't know what I'm entitle of or nothing. I'm headed to talk to a lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS. We have a 23yrs old paralzed daughter that we stay in an apartment thats not handicapped, we also have a 10 yrs old son that i get no help for, and I'm just getting in remission of Cancer. But he has military benefit. How do i get some help for myself and for my children and my Divorce?

Jim's Reply:

You're getting the help you need by seeing the lawyer in Hattiesburg. That's the most important step you can take. Good luck.