Why aren't all Southeast Asian vets treated like Vietnam Vets


Hi Jim: It is so ridiculous that veterans who served in Thailand, Cambodia are not referred to as Vietnam veterans. These men were directly involved in the Vietnam war missions. Furthermore, their DD214 papers clearly show the award of the Vietnam service medal. My question is: How can one be entitled to the Vietnam service ribbon and Vietnam campaign ribbon and not be a Vietnam veteran? It’s absolutely ridiculous how the government managed to literally ignore these honorable participants of the Vietnam war efforts. Why?

Jim's Reply:

You're debating a in a contest that was decided decades ago. The law is clear that the Vietnam campaign ribbon doesn't mean the vet was in a combat zone and isn't entitled to those benefits. In the spirit of the times, a lot of people who never were in any danger of combat received the Vietnam service medal. I'm Vietnam era and I served from 1967 to 1970 in the Federal Republic of West Germany. I've always called myself a Vietnam era vet because that's what I am. I defer the title of Vietnam vet to a person who was actually in danger from an enemy action and I wasn't. You seem upset to a degree that isn't really called for? There are a lot of current issues to be concerned about, this is one that won't be resolved to your satisfaction, I fear.