Was I eligible for Full Retirement?


After the first gulf war I had 17 1/2 years in the Army. 13 were as an officer. 4 1/2 were as enlisted. I was told that I did not meet the requirements for retirement because I didn’t have enough time as an officer to qualify. I got out under VSI with because of my disabled son. I received a certain amount per year. I am 100% disabled (service connected). The VA now gets the money instead of me. Could I have retired? Thanks

Jim's Reply:

I don't know.

You'll need to ask an attorney who has some JAG background and is familiar with discharge procedures.

I say that because the rules have changed over those many years and since I don't know just when you served and for what duration each enlistment period was, I'd be guessing and that isn't fair to you. The rules governing reductions of force under the VSI initiative were often criticized as overly complex and unfair.

I'd urge you to get in touch with the folks at the NVLSP. They have a pretty solid track record of helping sort out discharge issues. Good luck.