Vietnam vet's child with health issues


My dad served in Vietnam and I was born with a heart defect know as transposition of the great vessel... Was this caused by agent orange?

Jim's Reply:

The VA has long held that children of Vietnam veterans may suffer spina bifida due to agent orange exposure of the father,  but no other medical condition has been rated or compensated by VA. (There are rules for children of female Vietnam veterans but that wouldn't apply here.)

There is a great deal of ongoing discussion regarding the toxic effects of agent orange on genetics and heredity particularly among the generations of Vietnamese following the war. Whether or not your vascular condition was caused or contributed to by agent orange probably won't ever be answered to any degree of certainty but many of us would say it's possible, even likely. Unfortunately there's no compensation or even health care available since it isn't spina bifida. You can Google search the topic and find a lot of data about agent orange.