VHA denied my request for a chiropractor


Being seen at the VA in Cleveland. Had two surgery's on my back, the last one in Feb 2016. My back is acting up again. Went and saw my Doc at the Va Clinic. Told her my issues and said I would like to go to a chiropractor. The Department head at Wade Park denied my request, stating he does not want a chiropractor touching my back. Can I appeal this and if so to whom? I also asked if I could be seen by the surgeon who did my surgery. I get the response "I don't know,  we don't like to out-source." Feel like I'm getting the run around. You thoughts.

Jim's Reply:

Appeals of denials for a particular process or event in the Veterans Health Administration are different than those at the Veterans Benefits Administration. Appeals for denials of health care related processes are made to the director of that particular hospital and its network. After a denial from the director an appeal may be turned over to the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) that is associated with your hospital system. It's a convoluted and difficult process...like most VA actions.