Veteran's widow faces tax foreclosure in NC


My heartfelt thank you for your kind service noted here. I AM IN AN URGENT AND A BIT DESPERATE NEED PROMPTLY, and I HOPE you can help me. MY husband , WWII LIEUTENANT IN US ARMY IN FRANCE COMPLETED A DISTINGUISHED CAREER IN COUNTER INTELLIGENCE AGAINST THE NAZI STRONGHOLD, followed the Debarquement in NORMANDY to Heildelberg,Munich and Berlin. He died unexpectedly following a stroke here in FRANCE.   In CHARLOTTE NC , the controller of his company got behind in paying local MECKLENBURG COUNTY taxes on our residence. NOT KNOWING IT, the county tax dept. gave our file to attorneys  () who HAVE SCHEDULED A FORECLOSURE SALE FOR DEC.10, 2018.  MRS. JULISSA FERNANDEZ, deputy officer in tax collection office told meby phone that if they hear from the VETERANS, perhaps they can stop the foreclosure date dec. 10 2018 and work with me on payment plan.  [I am living in France and need help]

Jim's Reply:

As I write and reply to this, it's the 4th of December. The fact is that there is nothing at all I could do to assist you other than to tell you to retain an attorney who is in the Charlotte NC region and who knows real estate law. That would be the only person who could possibly intervene and help you to get this sorted out. Don't rely on the VA to respond to your urgent need for help, getting VA to help isn't very likely.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  The Mecklenberg County Bar Association operates a lawyer referral service in Charlotte NC. Their phone number is 704-375-0120 and they may be able to locate an attorney with tax foreclosure expertise to help.  Call right away.