Veterans Guide to Education Benefits

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The Montgomery G.I. Bill - Overview

The Montgomery G.I. Bill (“GI Bill”) was passed after World War II. The purpose was to give returning veterans a chance to go to college or get vocational training. The program has existed - and expanded - ever since. It has helped thousands of veterans.

The law is broken down into several "chapters," each describing a different program. It includes programs for certain active duty members, Reservists and National Guard members, as well as some dependants of veterans.  You may qualify for one or more programs.

Use the right-hand links, or the links at the bottom of the page, to navigate the Guide.  This will give you an overview of the GI Bill and who qualifies.

Then you may want to go here to use the VA's comparison tool, to help you sort out which program, or programs, you may qualify for.


Last updated May 2018

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