Veteran Property Tax Exemption


I am a disabled veteran. I applied for the war veteran property tax exemption. The city in NJ determined I deserve 23% instead of 100% the law required. I have a county tax hearing next month and seek representation. Do you know of any lawyers in my area that are Veteran friendly?

Jim's Reply:

If you mean lawyers who will represent you for free, no I don't know of any. Veterans law attorneys represent veterans in VA disability cases and they work on a contingency fee agreement that means the vet pays no money up front and nothing if the case isn't won. Other issues like tax exemptions or similar real estate issues are yours to deal with. If you feel strongly enough, it's worth looking into hiring an attorney for the help.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Use the "Find Legal Help" directory to see if a civil legal aid provider in NJ near you (listed under LSC) might be able to help with this case.  LSC programs have limited capacity to take cases but property tax exemptions are a priority for some programs.