Veteran needs help with wife's Medicaid denial


I'm an honorably discharged veteran, 6 years US Navy Submariner, and my wife is a legal Irish immigrant with valid green card. We were both subscribed to Medicaid health benefits in VT (Husky health program) for just over 1 year after I separated. During our last 3 months in VT before moving to New Hampshire (new job), my wife's Medicaid benefits were suddenly denied under the premise of the immigrant 5 year rule, even though there is a clear exception to the 5 year rule for spouses of veterans. My wife received some medical care in that time and there are 2 bills following us that should be paid by medicaid. I spent about 10 hours travelling to, visiting in person, and waiting on phone with the VT DSS trying to resolve this issue. They are still claiming she is not eligible, even after I clearly showed them the same information that made her eligible in the first place. Who or what would you recommend I do next?

Jim's Reply:

I'd have to steer you toward finding some legal aid that can help you. There are resources here in the Stateside Legal site that should point you in the right direction