Veteran father was never supportive of child


my dad dropped off the face of the earth before I was born! Left my mother with my infant brother and pregnant with me. Come to find out he joined the military/army something for around 2 to 3 years (Honorable Discharge) IDK What or Why!... Non of us KNEW until Yesterday July 20th 2020!! My mother NEVER EVER received child support. I've had such a hard life even lived on the go from 1 friends to another at a very young age once I realized how to dodge going into foster care again. See my mother couldn't take care of 4 kids, part time job and no child support for 3 of her kids.... she did her best and put up a fight every time defax came! Anyway my dad passed away on July 14th from Covid-19 and I was contacted by his nursing home. Isn't there something I can do to receive money from the Government for not garnishing his income from the Government? Is their something I can do? They neglected to go by the COURT ORDER! They were married and mom had a court order! This was neglected. I WAS NEGLECTED. Now the Hospital he's at actually expects me to cover his cremation costs etc,

Jim's Reply:

I'm truly sorry to hear the story you tell. Unfortunately, you aren't a dependent because of your age and there are no benefits available for anyone other than a surviving dependent.

If there was child support owed, that would have to have been dealt with while he was alive. I'll assume that he didn't leave an estate so there isn't anything to help there.

If he was a veteran with an honorable discharge, VA will pay his burial expenses.