Very painful SSI exam


I had my 5th SSI exam today. I have serious back issues, hemophelia, manic depression, copd & asthma. During the hour long test..she was rude, acted like I faked my 90% oxygen levels (I was discharged after a 9 day hosp stay from a copd complications that almost killed me..but anyhow she argued how the hosp would've sent me home on oxygen..but my insurance dictated if I could take it home..if mu pulseox read 88 I could take oxygen therapy home. However it read 89. So one # oxygen. The examiner could clearly see I was winded. But grabbed my arm pulled it over my.head took my rt arm pulled it over my head.. Grabbed my shoulders and twisted my back from side to side bringing me to tears. She thought my tears were from embarrassment until twice I exclaimed it's from pain. I'm in pain. You moved my back in a jerking movement excacerbating my pain. You don't grab patients that way. She said "I just want to get through the range of motion part so we will hurry through it." I left exhausted, in tears....I contacted my state rep Andy Harris. I will file a complaint. And may need another ER trip. Uggggggg. Why do they do this?

Jim's Reply:

Aggressive examiners or those who don't conduct a fair and complete examination are a common complaint. You should let your advocates and your representatives know how you feel.