Vehicle Privilege Tax Exemption


We were denied vehicle privilege tax exemption by our local county clerk.  We previously got a free disabled vet tag.  Our understanding is that tags other vehicles we own should be exempt from the wheel tax.  Their response was that each county in Tennessee make their on rules.  If I’m correct, how can I prove it to them?

Jim's Reply

Each state sets its own rules about what they will and won't allow.

Some states are very generous, others not so much. Then there are counties, cities, municipalities, parishes...the list goes on and on.

You'll have to dicker with your local tax assessor to determine what applies to you. In my experience, the 100% P % T rated veteran is allowed one free DV or Disabled Veteran license plate for a vehicle they choose. The veteran may choose DV plates for all his or her other vehicles but the fee is the same as it usually is for that vehicle.





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