VA staff assaulted me but can't find lawyer to help


Hello Jim, I was assaulted/battered by a couple of assigned staff members in a VA Hospital immediately after an L4,L5 TLIF Back Surgery in July 2015. I sustained serious injuries as a result of this assault which I am being treated for at this time. My question for you Jim is this, I filed an FTCA Federal Tort Claim re this incident in June of 2017, and I CAN NOT find Legal Representation to assist me in prosecuting this case. I have 3-4 months left to file suit re this matter, or forever lose my rights re this claim, and there is absolutely no way for me to proceed with this matter without legal representation. I feel like I have spoken with every tort attorney in America, I'm not sure what to think, or how to proceed at this point, but, I still have a little time. Any ideas? Any referrals? Thank You,

Jim's Reply:

When lawyers consistently refuse to accept cases from us we have to take a deep breath and consider that we may not have a case at all. Your claim of an assault by staff immediately following a surgery in 2015 seems a bit fantastical, doesn't it? Why would they do that? If you were assaulted, why didn't you call law enforcement? I have to think that if you had a case,  a malpractice lawyer would have accepted your request for may want to reconsider all this.