VA Sharing Medical Information


I am 100% service connected TDIU and 69 years of age. About two months ago, I went to an private ear specialist for an ear infection. The nurse pulled up, on her laptop, all of my VA prescribed medications. Meds for PTSD depression, pain, even over the counter medications. I did not give permission for exchanging this information. The office manager did not know where it came from and said that she would get back to me the next day. Turns out that the VA has a data base and shares information. During a visit to my. VA Primary care physician I explained this invasion of my privacy. I was told by an administrator at the clinic that they are strictly prohibited from doing this. I am deeply disturbed by this practice and do not trust the VA. Please advise.

Jim's Reply:

To be properly treated and cared for a health care provider should have access too all pertinent medical records. Without being able to review records there is a chance that a new provider may miss something.The VA MISSION Act allows us to see private providers and VA pays the tab for that. While this occurs, VA authorizes that provider access to your medical records by default. While this has been controversial, there is a way to avoid the sharing of your can choose to not have your records shared by opting out of the health record exchange and then hand carrying your records when you need them. I'm not sure I understand why an administrator would tell you such a thing when it is clearly VA policy that this happens just this way.   Click  here and here for more information.