VA removing me as brother's fiduciary


I am being removed as my brothers fiduciary. I have A1 credit. I have secured the $37,000.00 surety bond requested by the VA for his funds. My family's lawyer does his accounting. I'm my brother's legal for both financial and healthcare. There have been a form that I have not responded to because of our lawyer's accounting. However, copies of all his bank statements requested by the VA have been submitted. I want to remain my brother's fiduciary. Can you please give me some advice?

Jim's Reply:

I don't know which form you chose to ignore ("There have been a form that I have not responded to") but almost any time we don't strictly comply with the minutia that VA demands of us, the result will be a default decision in favor of whatever VA is proposing. The VA has a process to follow and to ignore the steps and data demands of the process is often the best way to set yourself up for the sort of unfavorable default decision that you received.

Once a decision to remove a fiduciary is made, it's very difficult to reverse that decision.

Now that VA has decided to remove you as the fiduciary your brother will have to initiate the formal appeal process if he wishes to change that decision. He will need the services of an accredited and experienced veterans law attorney to guide him through the complex steps required to reverse the VA decision that removes you as the fiduciary. Click