VA first says I no longer have PTSD


Jim: I went to C & P for TBI and PTSD .  The TBI report back to VARO remains unchanged .  The PTSD was horrible:  stated I didn’t have PTSD anymore . So i had an IMO done explaining I still had PTSD .  Nothing ever happened,  no rating reduction for PTSD . When I called the 1 800 number,  the VA tells me on the phone “oh in the notes, they saw that they made a mistake ordering the C &P for PTSD and TBI because you’re 100% P and T and have had this rating of 70%  PTSD since 2008 and you’re now 61 years old.  So they saw that and just moved ahead on your BVA appeal.  Before you go to BVA and after your VARO hearing, VA always sees if they can reduce increase or order C & T exam.”  That’s what I was told. Now my retro pay case has been certified to BVA Washington.  Still don’t understand why VA  didn’t reduce me?? The phone guy says my rates are now protected based on age and time and in 4 more years they finally come under the 20 year rule but if there  is retro date change at BVA, then it could be sooner, can you explain VA screw up here?? Thanks, Jim.

Jim's Reply:

I can't explain it any better than you have already...a mistake was made and they're correcting it. That's all there is to it. Mistakes happen