VA disability, SSI and Social Security


Hi Jim I am receiving my VA benefits.  I am 100 percent Disabled unable to work.  While waiting for this decision, I was on Disability SSI  which rolled over to social security after i turned 65.  Am collecting both now.  Do I have to give up one or the other ?  They are sending me letters from this outfit wanting to know everything about everything , they have cut my social security check $ 200.00 and the way it looks cut my medical benefits. They want me to go to Social Security to figure this all out.  Is that a good idea? thank you, I am worried to Death

Jim's Reply:

I'm not understanding just what's happened? You are allowed to collect both the SSA benefit and the TDIU benefit at the same don't have to give up anything. I don't know who you may be getting letters from but I agree that you need to visit your local SSA office to sort all this out. They're usually pretty helpful, go for it.