VA decision isn't worded right


Hello Jim. Thanks for all you do!  I was 90% disabled with VA and filed for TDIU years ago. I received my decision from the BVA in FEB 2019. The order says entitlement to a total disability rating based on TDIU is granted all the way back to 2012. Conclusion of law says the criteria for a TDIU due to service connected disabilities have been met effective 2012 and that these disabilities are of a permanent nature. I received back pay and chap 35 benefits for dependent's. a couple things were remanded back but it is clear it has nothing to do with my permanentTDIU. That is a done deal.

My problem is when I went to nearest military base to get my wife and I our military ID cards, pass and ID office says my decision says everything it should except the number 100% disabled or 90% disabled or "vet is 90% disabled but being paid at the 100% rate is not in writing on the BVA decision". The folks at the pass and ID office do acknowledge that TDIU is 100%, my decision says permanent in nature and came with chap 35 benefits for dependents, They acknowledge my paid back pay and acknowledge that i am being payed at 100% but they refuse to issue ID cards to get on base, unless decision says TDIU 100% disabled, or 90% disabled but being payed at 100% rate. They state they can not infer anything or use any common sense or deduce anything from the 30 page full decision letter. So, What do I do? Why Are BVA decisions not standardized? It may take months or years before I can get on base. Who do I contact to get this clarified and corrected.? Nervous to ask the RO for anything as I learned murphys law happens a lot when vets contact them. Thanks. Your help is appreciated

Jim's Reply:

The "benefits letter" you're looking for has always been a bit of a mystery. Years ago we had to write to our regional office and ask for an appropriate letter and as often as not they'd send something back that left out the details we needed. But today you can generate your own letter and tailor it to read pretty much as you wish. Click here and follow the instructions and you'll be all set