VA Claim Appeals


this morning I called the v.a. and spoke with a rep. regarding my appeal, that they told me three months ago it was being rated am still waiting for a decision. She stated it is still pending, how long does it take? 2) I then asked her about the three new diseases, she stated no decision has been made they are waiting for a congressional decision regarding the three new diseases and the nehmer court order, do you have any idear what she is talking about? I was diagnosed 25 years ago with (IHD) and had three major heart operations. Thanks


If you called the VA toll free (800) number, you did just what I advise veterans they should not ever do. That 800 number is a call center operation that just wastes your time.

I can't tell you about how long your appeal will take because you didn't tell me what the appeal is about, whether it is going to reconsideration, DRO process or BVA? You also didn't tell me who is representing you.

My crystal ball isn't booting up today so I need a little help understanding your case.

The 3 new diseases aren't approved yet. These decisions are part of how law gets made. Congress makes the laws. So far Congress is playing political football with this regulation and no final decision has been made yet.

There is some chance that nothing will be approved by Congress and no benefits will change. We should never plan our future based on what may happen...not until it’s a reality.