VA checking of reported income


According to wage match the previous I was identified as having received income for the previous.year 2018 I will received separate letter what VA need from me.   What I received last year were my social security in the total amount of $5,000.  How would this affect my VA 80% disability?  Will I have pay back this amount at my age 68?  Also question although failing to attend my VA appointment,  how will that affect my right to my right to payment?

Jim's Reply:

The new process of confirming that veterans who aren't allowed to work (TDIU or unemployability ratings) checks our reported incomes to see if we worked at gainful employment during a specific period. The system is new and it seems to be having a glitch here and there. Your Social Security income is not earned income from gainful employment and doesn't have any impact on your disability ratings. If you've received notice to the effect you've also received instructions about how to appeal the wrongful decision. Follow the instructions carefully and VA should correct the decision or offer you a more detailed explanation of why this has happened. If you were scheduled to have a C & P exam for an existing condition or because you've applied for a benefit and you didn't attend the appointment, VA will default to a denial of whatever it was you were seeking.