Used car sale to disabled veteran was wrong


A fellow CO disabled veteran was recently taken advantage of at UT Used car dealership where she purchased a car that lasted less than 33 days, motor sot, timing belt shot, Navy Federal financed for $6000.. Dealership will only pay$1300 for a used motor.. and will not take the car back. Does she have any other legal options???  No lemon law to cover her nor warranty... after much research.

Jim's Reply:

That the the purchaser of the used vehicle is a disabled veteran carries no weight here...a citizen bought a used car and it failed.  Used cars have very few guarantees and most are sold as is with zero warranty. If we buy used from a reputable dealer that dealer may or may not help us if the vehicle doesn't meet expectations. The usual used car lot on the corner isn't as concerned about reputation so they're less likely to care. Your friend can talk with a lawyer but that's likely to cost more than the car is worth. All too often there's nothing to be done but to chalk up the loss, learn a lesson and move on.