USAF during Vietnam and Agent Orange


Should I be eligible for Agent Orange disability ? I was in the Air Force from 1968 - 1970. I spent a lot of months in and out of Viet Nam between 69 and 70. I was a Propeller Mechanic on the C130 that flew in and out of Viet Nam every day.  I worked on the C130 that came in from Viet Nam. I Maintained the Propellers and had to change them out when they were defective or damaged. These planes came in from all over Viet Nam where Agent Orange was used so, I know they were probably covered in the stuff but we did not have any idea what we were getting into. I also flew in and out of bases where Agent Orange was used. I have Diabetes and all my teeth have rotted out of my head ! I also have to take medicine for Anxiety every day along with Blood Pressure and Diabetes. I put in Agent Orange disability but the said I was not eligible for compensation! Can you help me out or put in the right direction to who I need to talk to?

Jim's Reply:

You tell me that you were "in and out of" the Republic of Vietnam. If you can show that you set your boots on the soil of the country of Vietnam, then you're eligible for benefits that are presumptive to exposure to agent orange. However, if you can't prove that you were in country, then it's up to you to prove you were exposed to agent orange. If you've been denied a claim in the last year, you should speak with an accredited veterans law attorney for some free won't cost you any money out of pocket to speak with an expert. go for it!