Urine drug test at VA clinic


I am getting a new Psychiatrist and he wants me to take a urine drug test at my V.A. clinic because I am prescribed Clonazepam for sleep issues and anxiety. Was told It will be done right at the clinic. Do they usually just use the five panel drug test???

Jim's Reply:

Yes, that's correct. Keep in mind that these tests are pretty generic items these days and VA may switch vendors from one place to the next so whether it's a very basic screen or something much broader can vary. Drug screens have become as common as testing your liver and kidneys now that we're treating substance abuse as a disease rather than a crime. Showing positive for any drug at VA won't have any effect on your disability benefits...you may be offered a treatment program but otherwise no problems. Don't try to disguise or hide from it...they're on to all that and it just doesn't help.