Upcoming hearing and conflicting VA actions


Jim, I was awarded a 10% for a lung collapse while in the military in 2013, telling me that it had gotten worse. Then taken from me little more than a year now! They have me in Palliative Care now telling me that nothing can be done to help, saying it will get worse. Now a VA doctor has put in his report that these things are caused from the military! I have a hearing the 28th of this Nov. I have a rep. working with me. It is service conected, I receive 10% for scare, 10% for hearing. I appealed abot three years ago. How in your opinion would you present this case? Any help, I sure would be thankful. Should I sit and say nothing to the judge?

Jim's Reply:

I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time interpreting your message. A collapsed lung can be caused by a lot of things all the way from a spontaneous pneumothorax to a gunshot wound to the chest. The best I can tell you to do now is to follow the lead of whoever it is representing you.