UI Death Benefit


Good PM--James------saw yu got married-----so congrats!!!!----James just "heard" that since I am 70% SC and 30% IU----if I cash in---my wife gets ZERO---can yu shed any light on this for me @ yur convenience---THANX a lot loyal Veteran!!!!, for what yu do.


My wife (over 15 years now) would be interested to hear I’ve gotten married. It may be best if we don’t tell her.

You're 100%, don't think about the IU part.

Any 100% veteran who dies of the service connected disability leaves the spouse with DIC...a $1000.00 + per month benefit. Any veteran rated at 100% who dies of any other cause leaves her nothing.

That all changes when you hold your 100% for 10 uninterrupted years. After 10 years and one day of 100% you may proceed to be run over by a dump truck and she gets paid.

You may or may not want to let her in on that at 10 years.