trying to save $ on pads for prostate cancer


I have a 100% temporary rating for prostate cancer. An exam is coming soon. I use 3 pads a day usually but get rash if I leave them too long. I could use more but they're not cheap. A vet on another site claimed to use pads he made out of toilet paper. Is this really legitimate? It would definitely be a money saver.

Jim's Reply:

Is using TP as an incontinent pad legit? Sure, I guess whatever works is OK. If you had to change your TP pads 6 times a day, that's all you'd need to tell VA, you wouldn't have to say that you made them yourself. Here's a hint...a lot of fellows get some relief with an old fashioned "Texas catheter". It's a condom that drains into a bag and is a lifesaver for many guys