TDUI at age 70


I'm TDIU with a rating of 70% PTSD, since my award... now that I've turned 70 years old, does it become permanent?  I've been filing every year.. about none work. I've read it's now permanent because of age..
does that move my rating to 100%? Thanks, Jim, for all you do.

Jim's Reply:

As we turn 70, the obligation to submit a yearly VA Form 21-4140 to verify that we haven't held gainful employment in the previous year disappears. Your award is already 100%...the TDIU is the same as the difference other than TDIU isn't allowed work. So...nothing changes but that pesky 4140. I heard last week the VA has decided to do away with the 4140 and do income matching with the IRS so that annoying requirement is leaving us and good riddance.