TDIU or Schedular 100%?


All my service connected disabilities equal up to 100% and I'm also 100% TDIU. I was told you couldn't be both. In the process of applying for TDIU is when I also reached my 100% scheduler rating. I have a 70%, 50%, 40%, 40%, 20%, and 20%. Upon research that I've done, once I reached the 100% scheduler rating,  they were not supposed to apply the TDIU. Is this correct and if so how can I have this corrected? Irregardless,  I'm unable to work and almost 54 years old. I wish they would just make it Total and Permanent. This question may help someone in the future, I've been asking for about 3 years now and can't get anyone to give me a straight answer. Thank you for any help you can give.

Jim's Reply:

I'm not sure why you believe that you are rated as both 100% schedular and 100% TDIU. You aren't because as you say, you can't collect both benefits. The best way to know if VA has you rated for both benefits is to check your monthly bank deposit. If you're only being paid for a single benefit, then you're only rated as 100% one time.

You tell me you've been asking "for about 3 years now" and I'm going to assume you haven't collected a double reimbursement payment for 3 years. If you have received a double payment, tell me quickly because you have a whole new set of problems...serious problems.

In any case, you say you wish that VA would make you P & T and I think they already have.

I'll take a wild guess here and say that at some point after an exam VA decide that you were permanently and totally disabled and at the same time your rating was made to be 100% schedular and your rating was made permanent. In your case, since you declare that you don't want to work, it makes no difference at all.

If you aren't collecting 2 checks, you have no worries.