I am SC for MDD (70%), I worked for the VA for almost 6 years before being Medically Retired (OPM) for a leg crush injury which resulted in a Spinal Cord Implant (does not help) for CPRS (Nerve Disease). I cannot walk, sit or stand for more than 15 minutes at a time without extreme pain/discomfort. The CRPS has exasperated my Major Depressive Disorder. I have filled for TDIU, should I explain this to the VA? I have all my care done at the VA, with 2 VA doctor letters/forms saying “not to work” The VA has me diagnosed with BI-Polar and Depression/IAnxiety (not MDD), will this hurt my case? I also have SC Tinnitus and Vertigo with Left Ear problem (can’t remember the exact medical diagnosis). Throughout the years of Mental Health medicine and inner ear disease, I have been diagnosed with OSA. Should I claim OSA secondary?? Thank you Sir!!


Jim's Reply:

"should I explain this to the VA?" Of course. How else will they know? You'll have plenty of opportunity.

"will this hurt my case?" I don't see how it would?

"Should I claim OSA secondary??" Secondary to what? You'll need a clear medical diagnosis of what is primary, what is secondary and why.