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How to Appeal Your Veterans Benefits Denial to the Court


This classroom is here to help you through your appeal of the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA) decision denying your claim for VA benefits. We hope that this will help you feel more confident about dealing with the legal system. 

Is this classroom for you?

You may use this classroom if:

  • You are a veteran, and
  • You want to appeal your BVA denial for VA benefits


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Was your MST-Related VA Benefit Claim Denied? Learn about Special Review Process

How to get your previously denied VA Compensation claim reviewed.

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How to File a Well-Prepared MST Claim

Military sexual trauma ( MST) is sexual harassment that is threatening or physical assault of a sexual nature. Both men and women serving in the military can suffer from MST. It is important to file your claim as soon as you can. When a claim is awarded, the compensation is calculated back to the date you filed your claim.
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Child Support and Veterans Benefits - Q and A

Questions about what can or can't be done to collect child support from your Veteran's Benefits? This article covers some of the most common Q&A's on this topic.
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The Homeless Veteran's Resource Guide

Many organizations provide support to homeless veterans.  These services include housing, food programs, educational opportunities, counselling and legal help. Open the attached document to find a comprehensive listing of resources and links. 

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Disability Programs Available to Veterans - VA, DoD and Social Security

Are you a veteran with a disability wondering about what benefit to apply for? This can be a confusing puzzle. Here, we explain the two compensation systems for former military - VA and DoD - as well as Social Security Disability benefits. And we explain how these different benefit programs interact with each other.
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VA Benefits Quick Screening Guide

Use this screener to find out if you might be entitled to pension, disability or DIC (Dependency and Indemnity Compensation) benefits from the VA.
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Discharge Conditions: How to Request Review

The reason for your discharge and the “character” of that discharge is very important in deciding if you (and/or your dependents) are eligible for military and veteran benefits as a result of military service. The reason for your discharge is listed on the DD-214 Certificate of Release which is issued at the completion of military service.
A picture of a DD Form 214 form on a wooden table.

DD Form 214, Discharge Papers and Separation Documents

A Certificate of Release or Report of Separation is generally issued when a service member performs active duty or at least 90 consecutive days of active duty training. It is used to prove military service for benefits, retirement, employment, and membership in veterans' organizations.

VA "Fully Developed Claim" process

Incentive program: VA offers a year's worth of retroactive compensation for filing a successful fully developed claim.