Suspended license


I have a suspended license and I’m currently a homeless vet. I need help with getting my license fixed and how do I go about that.

Jim's Reply:

If you are indigent, you may be eligible for legal aid in your region. You can use the Stateside Legal site to help you find legal aid or you can do a Google search. If you're seeking services that may be specific to veterans, I'm not aware of any that could help you since this is a civilian, not a VA problem.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Depending on the State, your local legal aid provider (listed under LSC in the "Find Legal Help" directory may be able to provide free legal help.  If not, they may know of a law school clinic or other program able to help.  As a homeless veteran, you may also be eligible for services from the agency that holds the VA "Supportive Services for Veteran Families" grant in your area.  That list by state is provided at