Still owe money on RV


I purchased an RV 4 years ago and I’m not able to drive it anymore and I owe twice as much for it than it’s worth,  If I let it go back,  can they garnish my VA disability check and my state disability check?  If not, can they freeze my checking account, when this is the only money I make and do I need to find a VA Attorney? please help!

Jim's Reply:

Your VA disability money can't be garnished. Once it is deposited into a checking account, there's some possibility of that account being frozen or whatever but garnishment can't happen. A "VA attorney" can't help you, this isn't a VA problem. This is a personal liability problem and you have to deal with it.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Use the "Find Legal Help" directory to look for a local LRS provider and request a low-cost consultation with an attorney who handles consumer debt issues.