State child support violates the 14th amendment


Who advocates for Wisconsin vets that state child support (this is NOT a VA disability comp issue) violates 14th Amendment Due Process and federal preemption by claiming arrears, under threat of law, from Chapter 31 VR&E subsidy that was determined by the very same court as protected under 5 CFR 581.104?? I need a tough, mean, pro bono atty who's not afraid to stand for a vet!!  Did I mention that the DCF Admin Code that assesses vet and military benefits for child and family support is ambiguous?

Jim's reply:

There are no tough, mean, pro bono attorneys who want to fight your theory of divorce for you because you're a veteran. If you are divorcing and you want representation, you'll have to pay the going rate in your region just like the rest of us have done. The family court isn't concerned about your status and history as a veteran. The court also isn't interested in your interpretation of the law...that's actually what the magistrate gets paid to do. Here's what I can tell you based on my own divorce experience and the shared experiences of dozens of other veterans over the years: Don't enter the court with an attitude. The judge has an agenda and all your stories won't be heard...nobody there has the time to listen to all that. Divorce is about property and finances and children...nothing else matters. You do your financial statement, the other party does the same, the judge will let you know what's up soon after. Abject courtesy, humility, appropriate dress and a positive attitude go a long way in a courtroom. When you go before the court all you have is your credibility. If you destroy that, things go downhill PDQ. All family courts are prepared for litigants who represent themselves. If you don't have a lot of property or money to divide and you can behave yourself in front of the judge, you may do as well to represent yourself...many do. Talk with the clerk of court to learn the protocol and make won't be happy (nobody is happy at divorce court) but you may save a bit of money.