Stage 4 Prostate Cancer


I’m a Vietnam vet diagnosed in the spring of 2013 with stage 4 prostate cancer, presumptively due to Agent Orange exposure, that had metastasized. After hormone therapy and radiation, I had a bi-lateral orchiectomy in the spring of 2014.  Since that time, I have had annual (more or less) C&P evaluations.

I am currently rated at 100% disabled but now the VBA is proposing to reduce my rating to 60%. In 2018, I had a C&P evaluation. The DBQ memorializing that evaluation indicated that my cancer is in remission. My oncologist, also in 2018, executed a DBQ that clearly indicated that my cancer was still active and was being treated by ongoing hormone therapy. He followed that DBQ up with a letter, indicating, again, that my cancer was active and that I am “being treated with continuous androgen deprivation therapy.” Has the VBA ever considered that the results of a bi-lateral orchiectomy are similar in its effects (continuous androgen deprivation therapy) as hormone therapy administered either by injection or other medication (pill, capsule, etc.)? Everything I’ve read has the reduction of the testosterone hormone as a result of an orchiectomy is viewed as hormone therapy for prostate cancer.

Jim's Reply:

I'm not a scientist so I'm not sure I follow your theory but in any case, if your cancer is active, you should remain rated at 100% disabled. If VA rates you as anything less, appeal immediately.