Son committed suicide after VA surgery


Can you assist me in finding legal representation? My 26 year old son committed suicide on June 8th this year after receiving bariatric surgery at the VA in Pittsburgh. With his extensive psych history and a prior suicide attempt in 2016, he should have never been approved for surgery. On May 15 last year, a psychologist said no to surgery. On May 18th, the head of the bariatric MOVE Program, an RN with a bunch of letters after her name cleared him for surgery. He was taking the highest dose of antidepressant allowed throughout his 100 pound weight loss during the 5 months pre and post op. The VA failed to educate him on his meds during weight loss and failed to monitor him adequately after the surgery. Any help would be appreciated.

Jim's Reply:

You should speak with a veterans law attorney and ask for guidance. Click here.