SNAP Means Testing and VA Benefits


My rating increased to 100% P&T increasing my benefits. SNAP reduced my food stamps from several hundred dollars to $18. The food stamps helped offsetting cost for groceries. I thought SNAP puts Veterans with 100% P&T in a different category as disabled. I spoke with the SNAP personnel and they said that my monthly income is over their eligibility. Any advice?


Jim's Reply:

Advice? Sure. Any time we apply for anything we should read the fine print and understand what we're getting into. You apparently had no clue you were facing a means test and that's on you.

Most financial benefits awarded to use for one reason or another are means tested. Means testing tells us that the agency will examine our 'means' or our finances to determine what they may offer us to bring us up to a certain level of financial health. 

It stands to reason that if you already have (x) amount of money that they won't give you more. I'm not sure what made you think you'd be able to keep everything but that was not correct and I can't think of anything else to do but to be appreciative of your new VA benefits and to adjust your budget appropriately.