siblings waiting to receive retired vet's savings


My brother died last October 21, 2018.  He was a retired veteran. He didn't leave a will. Our parents is deceased,  so his payee told us, that we as siblings, are entitled to what money that he saved, after he passed.  It has been 9 months, and the lawyer told us, that until the VA tell him he can release the money, he can't give it to us.  My question to you,  how long do it take, before the VA take to look over my brother information, so we can receive the money.

Jim's Reply:

When a veteran who collects disability payments dies,  there may be money due to surviving dependents. You don't mention a spouse and that's the usual person who is left as a dependent. Siblings aren't dependents and aren't in line to receive any money the veteran may have been getting from VA. If he left other assets and didn't leave a will, the probate court will decide who gets what.