Should a veteran who has temporary 100% ratings pursue permanent rating?


What would be my best option be to try and receive a rating of permanent.  I currently am rated at 70% with the majority being based on a diagnosis of being bipolar.  I have been consistently receiving treatment for years including talk therapy, medication, routine implementation, on and on  and on.  My condition has never become a thing of the past and I often feel as if it is worse.  My marriage is suffering (in my second round of marriage therapy), increased individual therapy.  I'm still working, but I'm struggling everyday even with medications.  I've begun to have side effects from the medication (dizziness, loss of appetite, insomnia, etc...)  I would love to stay home and in bed, but I have to work to help care for my family even with the 70%.  I'm considering checking into a facility during the next vacation week I have off.  my husband applied for CHAMPVA benefits for a caretaker. He was denied due to the fact my disability isn't permanent.  I've read some of your other responses that my age could affect my chance as I'm only 46.  I'm considering hiring an attorney.... what would you recommend?

Jim's Reply

We don't recommend that veterans who have temporary 100% ratings try to pursue a permanent label for the rating. We hear this question so often we've published a statement of our recommendations here