Should I still file a claim that's likely to be denied? VA denied a different claim, but I think I should file again, should I?



Thank you for answering my previous questions; I really appreciate your help. Now I still have a couple of other questions:

1.  I have a couple of secondary questions to my service connected diabetes but they happened before by rating for diabetes so VA will probably deny them but SHOULD I STILL FILE A CLAIM FOR THEM?

2.  VA already denied my claim for ED because they said I had ED before by rating for PC. I just finished 45 radiation treatments yesterday so should I file another claim claim for ED stating that ED IS REALLY BAD BECAUSE OF THE RADIATIONS TREATMENTS?

Thanks again Jim for all your help


Jim's Reply


That you've been denied a benefit opens up an opportunity for you to get expert guidance at no out of pocket cost to you. The denial gives you the right to retain a veterans law attorney on a contingency fee basis. The attorney will manage the appeal for ED and begin the process of reviewing any other claims you may have. Yes, the ED denial should be appealed. if it were a preexisting condition and aggravated by treatment of a rated condition, service connection is legit.