Should I appeal a denial for prostate cancer?


Hi Jim, I am a Vietnam vet. Prostate cancer 3 years ago underwent a prostatectomy. I filed a claim and just got notice that a have been declined for any claim (zero). Do I have any options to contest. I understand ED is additional. My quality of life from frequent urination is terrible. Thank you for any guidance. 

Jim's Reply

Yes, you should immediately appeal such a denial. The claim for prostate cancer in the Vietnam veteran who served with boots on the ground is presumptive and usually goes through the system pretty quickly. An outright denial is very unusual unless there's an issue with the record...usually the "boots on the ground" requirement. If you have been rated at 0% but not denied service connection, you can appeal that rating so that the residual effects of the treatment are correctly rated...usually 40% or 60%.



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