Separation from wife


I am 100% service connected as well as receive SS which was awarded because of my service connection have been separated from my wife for two years and have been separated from my wife for two years. My rating and award was decided a couple of years before I got married. My "wife" forced me to leave and I haven't received dependent pay for her since I left, having contacted the VA of the separation. She has paid the bills successfully since I left but now wants me to help her refinance the house because the loan is a VA loan and she wants to keep that benefit. I have asked her to sign the divorce papers with no contest even though I left everything.....she didn't even want me coming around the house. she told me she will let the house foreclose to worsen my credit unless I help her refinance. We have a son that will be 21 this year. Am I obligated to refinance and if not when the house forecloses (unless she finds another way), how will that affect my loan eligibility and is she entitled to my SS and VA disability?

Jim's Reply:

You're embroiled in a very complex legal situation and you absolutely need legal aid at your regional level. Your spouse doesn't have to sign anything, you have to file for divorce in the appropriate court and the court will instruct her as to what she needs to do. Find a lawyer!

  • PS from StatesideLegal: Use the "Find Legal Help" directory to search for a LRS provider in your state and ask for a low-cost consult with a family law law who has experience with VA benefits to get you started.