SCRA protections in purchasing car


Good Day, I have bought a car through a Chevrolet dealership and it was financed through Credit Acceptance. For the past two months,  I have been trying to get the SCRA on my financed car through Credit Acceptance. They keep telling me they are unable to do so unless they get my Active Duty orders, which I sent to them.  And when I call,  they are telling me I should speak to the Chevrolet dealership n order to get it.

Jim's Reply:

The Servicemember's Civil Relief Act (SCRA) covers many financial legal actions that can happen when you're called up for active duty or suddenly deployed from your home. I'm not sure how it is that you believe that SCRA should be in effect for you but I have to point out that the SCRA provision doesn't provide you protection from paying your debts. If you don't meet the specific eligibility requirements for SCRA,  then actions like repossession can and do happen and then you're left to sort it all out in court later. If you feel that an auto dealership has caused you financial harm and that SCRA applies to your situation, you should consult a JAG or a civilian attorney.