SCRA & Bankruptcy


Here's the issue; I filed bankruptcy 7 years ago while I was in the selective reserves. The bank took almost two years to close my house out on their side. The problem is that they did not finish their process before I came back to active duty. They say I have SCRA rights to the house that I filed bankruptcy on before coming back to active duty. Problem is, I do not want the house and it is still technically deeded to me. I'm stuck in limbo here, how should I proceed forward with them?

Jim's Reply:

You certainly have a unique problem, it appears that since all the necessary foreclosure actions weren't completed before you went active you still own a house. The first course of action that comes to my mind is to return to the attorney who helped you to file bankruptcy and see what that office has to say. Another alternative is to contact a local real estate agent and ask them to sell it quickly for you. A properly incentivized real estate agent can work miracles and you may even make a buck out of it all.