Review for re-evaluation of P & T Disability


Jim, thanks for all you do for the veterans and you do a great job.I was recently awarded (in January) 100% temporary for recurrence of prostate cancer.   I saw on e-benefits where the VA was doing a P&T DISABILITY DETERMINATION REVIEW NEEDED FOR 810-631R REVIEW NEEDED FOR REVALUATION.  ,I haven't filed a claim for a review but it stated a claim was filed on June 28.Do you know what this is in reference too?

Jim's Reply:

Prostate cancer in the Vietnam veteran generates a 100% rating that is temporary. The rating remains in place until we have treatment and the cancer is gone. After treatment we are evaluated to determine any continuing problems and we're given a new rating, usually 20% or 40%.  You don't need to file any claim for review, VA takes care of all that.