Recent diagnosis of right heart failure


Hello Jim... I am a veteran with a 0% rating for heart condition related to Lyme disease. This past year I was diagnosed with right heart failure. Dr. installed a dual defibrillator, and I was recently placed on the heart transplant list. In reviewing the VA articles, they only discuss left heart failure and refraction rates. My left is weak but not significant. My right EF is between 17 - 26%. Should I expect an increase in my rating? Thank you for your service and this site.

Jim's Reply:

Your condition has worsened so you're entitled to increased benefits over and above the 0% rating you have. That the condition is already service connected would mean a simple claim to upgrade your rating to 100% during the defib implant and once you have a transplant, you'll again have a temporary 100% rating that may convert to a lower rating in about one year after surgery. You have to file the claims for all this to happen. If you haven't claimed the defib device, get busy. Click here.