Questions about TDIU


I'm confused about something. I am rated either 80 or 90% but given 100% TDIU, permanent and total. Does this mean I could try to work or did you mean because I am not 100% schedular that I can't work?  Thank you so much and i apologize if this sounds dumb.

Jim's Reply:

The TDIU benefit is confusing to everyone. Your base rating is either 80% or 90%...that doesn't matter so long as you're over 70%. It's been determined that because of your service connected disabling conditions you aren't able to hold a job. This is called the 100% rated unemployability benefit because you aren't employable. can't work. If you could hold a job, you wouldn't be unemployable and the 100% rating would disappear and drop back to the 80 or 90 level.