PTSD rating decisions


My husband has his evaluation tomorrow, he has been at 80% rating, 70% ptsd , 10% ankle injury. He has always gone to all psych appointments, but the meds she would always prescribe him would never work, only make him feelingless & unemotional like a zombie. I have been with him total of 7 1/2 years on & off, steady for last 3 1/2 yrs, & have seen no better change. If anything i have seen things get worse. But we feel his psych only listened because "she had to".

What are the odds they will decrease or completely terminate his ptsd rating at this appointment?

Jim's Reply

Ratings decisions are complex and a great amount of information is taken into consideration over time by many people. We can't make any guesses or offer odds about outcomes of an individual claim since we don't have any of the facts at our disposal. The only thing to be done is to wait for a decision and appeal if you aren't happy.





Keeping an eye on the VA, because somebody has to.


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