Prostate cancer rating reduced but PSA is higher


Jim - Thanks for all that you do to help veterans. Not sure what my next step should be. Diagnosed with Prostate cancer in 2012. Had surgery and had prostate removed. Did not apply for disability. In 2017 PSA started to increase. When it reached .3, I applied for and received 100% temporary disability. In the fall of 2017,  I had radiation treatment. Psa continued to increase. Had C & P exam in Feb 2018 & Dec 2019. Received VA letter in Feb 19 stating my disability was being reduced to 10%. One of the reasons was inactive disease. Had my Dr send letter stating that my PSA was still increasing. Also sent most recent blood results, that showed my PSA was still increasing to .4 and then .5. Received another letter yesterday saying that effective 12/1 my rating would be 10 %. Was told there were 3 review options:

1. Supplemental Claim. Only new info would be my most recent blood work for Feb, May & Aug.
2. Higher Level Review.
3. Appeal to board of appeals.

My PSA is higher now than when I applied for disability in 2017. Thanks

Jim's Reply:

You have no choice but to file an appeal. Appeal via the "Higher level of review" option and explain just what you've said here. This is a very common problem with VA prostate cancer follow up and it seems they haven't ever tried to fix it.