Problem with HOA board


I’m having a major problem with the Board of Directors and managing agent because I’m bringing up federal/state/OSHA concerns. They have already retaliated on 3 occasions in writing. I just a disabled veteran trying to live as comfortable as possible.

Jim's Reply:

That you're a veteran doesn't have anything to do with your issues with your HOA board. If you're kibitzing and harassing the board for minor transgressions, they're likely to be upset with you. That you're receiving written notices about your dealings with them isn't a good thing.  I've always avoided living in communities governed by an HOA and this is one of the reasons why...way too much drama for my tastes. If you truly "to live as comfortable as possible" you may want to avoid board meetings. If you feel that your rights are being violated, you'll need to speak with a local attorney who can guide you.

  • PS from StatesideLegal: Use the Find Legal Help directory to look for an LRS provider in your area and request a low-cost consult with a real estate attorney familiar with HOA rules and OSHA standards.